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For the past decade the coffee culture has taken Cape Town by storm and has been exponentially growing thanks to the local craftsmanship and entrepreneurship that supplied for a market ready to dive in. Not only has this culture swept the local market off its feet but it has attracted international attention for accomplishments such as one being dubbed the strongest coffee in the world and another the best. “There is a surge in the number of people who are drinking coffee and this is impacting on product awareness and product quality. Africa and South Africa look set to be superb spaces for growth for the coffee industry with plenty of opportunities for great providers of great coffee.” – Darren Levy, CEO of Vida e Caffé

Cape Town coffee drinkers are looking for more innovative ways to make coffee at home. The Home brewing methods that exist lack community and heritage. The style of making coffee is going from the fast paced espresso to the more patient pour over.

This is where we come in. Through the choices of coffee we make, this movement will allow us to collectively influence how coffee is cultivated, produced and distributed.




Surge is a group of young industrial designers that have created their own design company. The Surge Company is made up of five members, being: Claudie Maree, Chante Truter, Douglas Graham, Johandre Saayman, Maricel Bruwer. We are passionate designers that stay true to our design style and beliefs. We pride ourselves in creating and developing exceptional products and providing an even better customer service. By utilizing simplicity, innovation, elegance, and authenticity as driving fuel, we aim to deliver products that are truly useful to the user. SURGE makes use of locally sourced manufactures in and around Cape Town as we strive to create and provide 100% proudly South African products. Designers have responsibility over the choices they make in the design processes and we believe in creating more ecological products by carefully selecting the materials used as far as possible.

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The birth of Ritual was founded on the endless market for coffee, modern day trends and the evolving coffee culture in Cape Town. Research has shown us that people are becoming more aware of speciality coffee and home brewing products, and as creatures of habit, enjoys the slow process of brewing and the sociability of enjoying a cup together.

The product name chosen was Ritual. This word and name embodies the big role coffee plays in our lives and especially in an aficionado’s daily routine or lifestyle. The design follows a clean, dynamic approach and combines an earthy, natural touch with a classy matt black finish. The ritual is to encapsulate the spirit of the traditional jebena buna with a modern yet timeless South African design flair. It incorporates the ceremony from jebena buna, the health benefits from the dripper and the aeration of the vandola. The matt cone that holds the paper filter not only compliments the flow of the lines but as a removable piece, allows for personalisation. The cork inserts on either side lend the Ritual its natural touch, acting as both a grip and insulation. The little aerating hole in the neck allows oxygen to be thoroughly a part of the brewing process. Much like the oxygenation of wine, the flavour is enhanced and the coffee tones are better picked up by the palate.


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